With our experienced team at GENC Tool & Die has supplied numerous services to the notably automotive, aerospace, weapon and a lot of industries. These services include engineering support, die design , fixture design and manufacture as well as low volume production. 

At Genc Tool&Die, our process starts with a partnership between our design and engineering sales team and the customer. We continue to work with the customer at every step from Complete Simulation and Prototype to 3D Design and part manufacturing verification. Thanks to open communication, we receive valuable feedback along our manufacturing process to provide customized, precise tools that meet all industry and customer standards while optimizing production processes.



Operating the innovative technology and software, our engineers create simulations for successful part designs and material selections. Thanks to simulation process of die  process provide that the production material, product dimesion and tool process will presee the problem that may occur of the production process.



Our 3D CAD Modeling uses well-know softwares to design complex product supporting Simulation and Design processes.This technology provides us to test and confirm the complete design before we ever start manufacturing process of the tool. 3D CAD Modeling of Genc Tool&Die effects the most productive and total reasonable cost process of designing robust and production-ready metal stamping dies. 


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Control and Welding Fixture 

Part and Die Engineering 

Forging Die